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Live your soccer dream in First Kick Academy, which is organised for both trainee and coach. We conduct sports coaching courses and training programs for those who want to know everything about soccer. Our motive is to bring out the passion and belief from every individual. Besides training and coaching, we also organise the football camp for coming youth. Scroll down for more!

What we do?

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Our Curriculum

Want to be a part of First Kick Academy? Then check out our soccer training lesson and session plans available for specific age group. Our curriculum are planned according to your child's age and abilities and will keep them more attentive and enthusiastic in the training. So, what are you waiting for? Sign up for your kid now!

Age Specific Training Plans

4 - 6 years old

7 - 10 years old

11 - 14 years old


FKA has a very nice down-to-earth atmosphere. I like that and my son thinks the FKA coaches are lovely. When he first started he was an only child. He didn’t get many opportunities to share, so we thought soccer would be a good sport to pick up. My son’s now starting to learn the differences between right and wrong, and how to behave in a team. He’s also better at taking instructions, and has learned self-discipline.

Our Coaches

The coaches of First Kick Academy comes from all walks of life and are not limited to professional soccer players. The soccer coaches have to go through an interview, an internal training module and OJT (on job training) before they can qualify to start coaching the kids. Most importantly, First Kick Academy chooses soccer coaches that are fun and passionate individuals that bring out the Academy’s beliefs.

The Internal Training Module is a specially designed course conductedby FKCD (First Kick Coaches Development). In F.K.C.D., the soccer coaches get to learn more about grassroot development and the different aspects of child development to help them understand how to best conduct a soccer training session. Besides training our own staff, F.K.C.D. also conduct coaches education for the public for those who are interested to know more about qualified soccer coaching.

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recognize it, admit it, learn from it,
forget it.

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